Carrier has been an industry leader for decades. Providing top quality products, Carrier’s air conditioners are always recommended as a choice for your home. When choosing to purchase a Carrier air conditioner one of the key things to do is to make sure to purchase one from a Factory Authorized Dealer, such as Maple Air located in Vaughan.

What is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer?
A Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer is an exclusive and highly performing dealer that has passed a set of standards and has been granted endorsement from Carrier themselves. A few of these standards include:

– Extensive training on Carrier’s equipment installation, maintenance, and repair
– Being able to find solutions for customers that fit their specific needs, provide value, and offer comfort
– Have NATE-certified technicians who have passed a set of rigorous exams

For a full and detailed list of qualifications, visit Carrier’s website to learn more.

Why Purchase from a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer?
A Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer has extensive knowledge of Carrier products. In addition to their necessary qualifications, Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers also have the skills to properly maintain and repair Carrier products. By choosing to purchase an air conditioner from a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, you will be able have a product recommended that best suits your needs and wants. Whether you want a product that will increase your home’s value, is environmentally friendly, or want different functions in different areas of your home, a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer will be able to answer any of your questions and suggest a product you will truly be satisfied with.

Unigreen Mechanical Heating and Cooling, located in Toronto, is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer you can trust when looking for a new air conditioner. Unigreen Mechanical only offers Carrier Air Conditioners, meaning our knowledge is very specific, extensive, and thorough with every product offered from the Carrier product line.